Feature Family – The Feeneys

Our feature families are made up of inspiring people who love their community, their families, and their dentist:) We can’t say enough about the Feeney Family, their precious kids, and their passion for a life happily and well lived. Read below to find out more about this amazing family!


As a mother of three..please name 3 things you always carry with you?

I always carry an Epi Pen for my oldest son, wipes, and pacifiers

It’s Friday night, you have a baby sitter for 3 hours, what do you do?!

We love going to dinner and especially trying out new restaurants

How long have you lived in Worthington? Why did you choose this community?

We have lived in Worthington Hills for the past 5 years. We love the sense of community and family focused activities (4th of July, Holiday Carriage rides, etc).

Top Bucket List item?

I would love to go to Napa Valley California

It’s midnight and you’re hubs is snacking on……?

Up at midnight…don’t usually stay up that late..beer if we are up at that time.

Cocktail or Wine?!

Wine for sure

What are your family’s favorite Worthington hangouts?! Where should we go?!

I really like House Wine (ok we are beginning to sound like lushes)…who doesn’t love a wine vending machine. We also like The Whitney House or Harold’s for dinner.

What type of music is playing inside the Feeney residence on any given day?

My husband thinks that he is a DJ and controls the music and he likes alternative music and blue grass that you hear on CD102.5. Sometimes I can sneak in a little 97.9 if he is not home.

What’s your favorite Columbus small business?

I like shopping at Vernacular and Birch. We all love The Hills market for just stopping to get a quick lunch or for their special events..etc.

Tell us one thing that might surprise us about yourself!

My husband can eat an entire extra large pizza to himself….he makes me order my own personal pizza.

For anyone who may be thinking of becoming patients at Magnolia Dental at Worthington Hills, what would you share about your experience with the practice?

The practice is very family friendly and they love to select a prize at the end. My children have had such a positive experience with every visit that they actually get excited about coming back!

New Upper Arlington Location

Magnolia Dental Opens Up Shop In UA

On behalf of the entire Magnolia Dental team, we are proud to announce that we are adding a new location in Upper Arlington beginning Nov. 1, 2017! This expansion comes after Magnolia Dental’s acquisition of the renowned Kingsdale Dental Care office. We will continue to offer the same friendly family dental services at our new address, located on 1840 Zollinger Road.

A Note to Current Kingsdale Dental Care Patients

Are you a current Kingsdale patient? Not a problem! Your favorites Emily, Tabitha, Christy and, of course, Dr. Robert Brewer will all be at this location, making a seamless switch from Kingsdale Dental Care to Magnolia Dental.

Dental Services Available at Our Upper Arlington Location:

  • Dental Cleanings
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Preventative Care
  • X-Rays
  • Sealants & Fillings
  • Oral Health Screenings
  • Gum Disease Treatments
  • Crowns & Bridges
  • Dental Implants
  • Invisalign
  • Lumineers


We are excited for this opportunity to offer our dental services (listed above and many more) to the wonderful Upper Arlington community! Have additional questions? Give us a call at 614-457-3927.

The Curry Feature Family Blog

Our feature families are made up of inspiring people who love their community, their families, and their dentist:) We can’t say enough about the Curry Family, their precious puppies Gus and Millie, and their passion for a life happily and well lived. Read below to find out the best happy hour in Columbus, what its like to live in the beautiful Worthington Hills Community, and what you might want to try for a midnight snack!

How long have you lived in Worthington? 
We’ve lived in Worthington for almost 4 years. We moved to Worthington Hills in May 2016.

What do you each do for a living? 
Matt: Attorney at BroadStreet Partners
Kristen: Sourcing Manager at Cardinal Health

We are in love with your pups, tell us about your adorable furbabies!

Gus is a miniature dachshund and just turned 7. Millie is a chiweenie and she turned 1 in March. They really are the best dogs! Gus is a true lap dog and would be perfectly content to snuggle all day long. Millie still has some puppy in her so she can be a little wild and loves to pick on Gus!

What is your go to date night?
Dinner and drinks. We love going to happy hour at Cantina Laredo! They have the best margaritas! Our other go-to’s are The Whitney House, Basi, and Guild House.

 Favorite midnight snack?
Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream!

 What type of music is playing inside the Curry residence on any given day? 
Good question! Matt loves music so there is always music on at our house. We love all types so it could be anything from Bruce Springsteen to The National to Sturgill Simpson.

Favorite shows to binge-watch?
Bloodline, House of Cards, Master of None

Why did you decide to move into Worthington Hills?
I grew up in The Bluffs (right behind Bluffsview Elementary) so I had friends that lived in Worthington Hills and spent a lot of time here. As we’ve gotten older, our friends have moved back here with their families. It’s such a great community! I knew when Matt and I moved back from Cleveland 4 years ago that Worthington Hills was where we needed to live!

What’s your favorite Columbus small business?
Simply Vague. I love all of the Ohio made stuff there, from the t-shirts to the home decor. It’s all really great!

What’s the best part about living in your neighborhood, Worthington Hills? 
The people! We’ve made some great friends in the neighborhood and at the club. Everybody is so friendly and thoroughly enjoys living in this neighborhood. We moved here from Old Worthington and the sense of community here is so much stronger. We love that!

 If you could grab a glass of wine with anyone in the world, past or present, who would it be and why?
My dad. Although, he never drank wine so I’ll get him a Grey Goose on the rocks. 🙂 He passed away almost 2 years ago and I would love to see him and talk to him one more time.

 For anyone who may be thinking of becoming patients at Magnolia Dental at Worthington Hills, what would you share about your experience with the practice?
We love Magnolia Dental! We’ve both been going there for the last 4 years and can’t say enough good things. Everybody is so nice and makes you feel very comfortable. I must say that I’ve always kind of dreaded going to the dentist but not anymore, thanks to the staff there!

Feature Family: The Billets

This beautiful family welcomed a precious little girl into their lives this year–making it a very special 2017 for our Magnolia Dental Feature Family, the Billets. Shannon Billet took a few minutes from her busy schedule and answered our questions on life, babies, Columbus, and how to keep the spark alive! Read on for more about this incredible feature family.

You just had your baby!! Congratulations:) can you tell us the three biggest changes you’ve experienced as your family grows?

Lots of changes come with brining home a new baby, but I’d say the three biggest changes are learning to function on little sleep, adjusting to being on a schedule and not being able to just get up and go, and learning to not always eat a warm meal

How would you describe being a momma?

Being a mom has been so rewarding and nothing short of amazing! It has definitely given me a new appreciation for my mom and all the moms out there!! It’s the most challenging yet rewarding job out there!

Did you have any cravings during pregnancy and would you do it all over again?!

I honestly didn’t crave anything in particular during my pregnancy. I did eat a lot of spicy foods, which isn’t out of the ordinary for me! I was very lucky during my pregnancy. I never experienced morning sickness and had a very “easy” pregnancy overall, I would defitely do it all over again.

What are some of your favorite family hang-outs in Worthington?

We love to have family brunch at the Whitney House in downtown Worthington!

Best Ohio Small Business?

We love RoseBredl in the short north! The cutest little flower shop. Who doesn’t love fresh flowers?

Tell us where to go for the most adorable baby clothes and accessories?!

There is a cute boutique called Cubshrub in the short north that has the most adorable clothes for kids! I usually have to steer clear-I can do serious damage in there!

3 things you always carry with you?!

Gum, lipstick, and hand sanitizer.

As your schedules shift with a new baby, how do you and your husband keep the spark alive?

Honestly, having a new baby has made me fall in love with him all over again! Seeing him with our daughter melts my heart. We also make sure that we take time each day to tell each other we love one another. You can never say I love you too much!

Best series we should watch too?

We’ve recently started watching The Great British Baking Show on Netflix! It’s so fun to watch and so charming! But don’t watch it while you’re hungry!

Its friday night, you have a baby sitter for 3 hours, what do you do?!

We would probably cruise down to the short north and have dinner at our favorite Thai restaurant-Basil, and then stop at seventh son for a beer or two!

What do you love the most about living in the Worthington Hills Community?

We love the sense of community this neighborhood has! Everyone is so friendly. I also grew up in this neighborhood, so having a baby of my own that I can raise in this neighborhood, makes me really happy!

Your best advice for new mommas?

The best piece of advice I can give is don’t be afraid to ask for help, especially at the beginning! My mom and mother in law offered to watch the baby the first week we were home so we can nap, it was a life saver!

Photos courtesy of: http://www.lkrphoto.com/

Oral Cancer Survivor

Survivor Interview: Brian H.

I became a cancer survivor in 1997 when I was diagnosed with a squamous cell carcinoma, which began on my right tonsil, and by the time they found it, had bilaterally metastasized to both sides of my neck and my lymph nodes.

Oral cancers are extremely survivable if they’re caught early. If you’re caught as a stage 1 or 2, you have an 80 or 90 percent chance of surviving and going on with the rest of your life. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen often enough. In the early stages of oral cancer you may not know that you have it. It can be very asymptomatic. You can have a little white spot or red spot in your mouth and not think much about it because it doesn’t bleed or doesn’t have pain associated with it.

All cancer treatments are difficult. I mean, those of us that have been through them refer to them as the slash, burn, and poison technologies, because you either go through surgery or chemotherapy or radiation, all of which, are fairly devastating. I mean, radiation treatments, while you’re there, don’t seem to be very much, but the radiation sickness that develops and goes on for months and months after the end of treatment is quite debilitating. I’m just now starting to have loss of function in parts of my face and in parts of my right shoulder as a result of nerve damage from the radiation.

There are long-term effects of radiation. That’s a cumulative during your lifetime. About my third year out when I really felt that I was almost normal—as normal as cancer survivors feel, I developed the inability to control the corner of my mouth and I thought, “Wow, that’s really strange. What’s happening here?” At first I was thinking I had a little stroke or something because the side of my face started drooping a little bit. Then I started having what they call fasciculations—my trapezoid just started going into contractions, I mean violently. My wife said on Star Trek there’s a species of aliens called the Cardassians, and they have these necks that look like lizards that kind of taper out with great big muscles, and my neck would just jump out, like a whole inch, and I had absolutely no control over it at all. When I went back to my doctors to ask about it, they said that about three to five percent of the people get nerve damage as a result of the radiation itself, and it takes a while to manifest itself. It may get worse; but it won’t get any better.

As a by-product of having a radical neck vasection, all the lymph nodes on the right side of my neck, plus the fatty tissues that were here were removed. And, of course, this is a part of one of your body’s systems that is there to filter out things and it has a whole—I mean it’s connected throughout your whole body—to your upper chest, to your armpits, to your groin, and it’s a very sophisticated system. When you just take a chunk of it out at one time, all the fluids that are associated with that system that normally would come to that area still come, and as a result of that you develop edema in that area, a collection of fluids, in the area where those tissues were.

It’s one of those body processes that just takes time for your body to work its way through. It does find new pathways and it does find ways around it, but during the period of time when you have it, it’s quite disconcerting to have, you know, a huge bulge in your body, for me, which was kind of funny looking, because I had a huge deficit on the other side. But it did pass and if it doesn’t drain properly the doctors will intervene, because drainage of these fluids is essential for this area to heal properly.

So here’s the thing that saved your life causes a whole new thing down the road, which gets into this thing about survivorship, you’re always waiting for the other shoe to drop. Some things they can predict, because they know the effects of the treatment, and they know that there will be some long-term effects that will increase as time goes by. Other parts of it, you just hope that the thing itself doesn’t come back. But, you know, look at me. I’m one of the lucky ones.

I don’t think that people should be embarrassed by any question that they have, because as you go through this process you really have to be your own advocate, and you have to know as much as possible. You know, chance does favor the prepared mind, and the more you know about it the more you will be able to understand what’s going to happen to you. I don’t think anybody should leave the doctor’s office after an examination or after an interview with the doctor with questions still on their mind.

I found that by having my wife go to my meetings with my doctors with me, it was important because she heard things that I didn’t hear. They’re going on and on, and I’m missing part of that, and she’s up there scribbling notes. So that when we got home, we actually were able to revisit everything that was said, what was discussed, and then go back with intelligent questions the next time around.

When I came out of treatment, I was significantly depressed, enough where it’s not just being sad. Clinical depression requires sometimes medical intervention to help you through it. I went on some anti-depressants to help me get through some of the thoughts that I had that were interfering with my emotional healing. In my parents’ generation, the idea of going and seeing a psychiatrist, was something that was kind of verboten. You didn’t do that. That was admitting that you were unable to cope or unable to function in your daily life. I found it to be one of the most satisfying and rewarding things that I’ve ever done. I learned so much about myself by talking to someone that understood what I was going through. But I also found that I did need medication to get through it. It was important for me to talk to some person who was remote from my immediate family and remote from my doctors, to help me work through these issues. And I don’t think that without that professional assistance that I would have had as rapid a return to a normal perspective on life as I had.

I’m completely different now than I was before. That’s so hard to describe to people, because my life up until cancer was pretty much about me. You know, I wanted to get ahead in business, I wanted to make money, I wanted to do things Brian wanted to do. Once I was given another chance to do something else, my whole priorities changed. I wasn’t worried about how I would be when I got through it, I just wanted to get through it and get on with this new opportunity that I had.

I don’t think that any day goes by when I can clearly say I haven’t thought about cancer today. I mean, I have great days. Don’t get me wrong; I’m loving my life now, but it’s still there. I mean, in Vietnam you could wear your helmet and your flap jacket and stay close to the ground, everything that you did, and you could still be the one that the golden bullet found. And cancer is the same thing. It can happen to you at the drop of a hat.

I think that you are emotionally changed by any of these kinds of experiences as a human being and in your daily life. Talking about emotions is a difficult thing for guys. It’s really hard to express your emotions and still be the stoic guy that everybody wants you to be. But it does change you emotionally, and it makes you vulnerable. It’s different in the fact that we’re used to internalizing those things, because we’re the tough guys. We’re the strong ones. But it can really take the wind out of your sails, and once that happens, a variety of insecurities crop up because guys deal with emotions differently. And that may be chauvinistic to say that guys deal with this differently than women, but to a certain extent I believe that we are so conditioned as men to just tough it out, just suck it up and get through it, that when you have signs of weakness and all that, it creates another thing inside you of saying, “Am I now less of a guy than I was before?” which really isn’t the case. I’m stronger than I ever was. But it doesn’t mean that the little insecurities and little voices aren’t there.

Survivorship means having a second chance. The more you realize how lucky you are, I think that you develop a passion for not wasting your time. I spent most of my life wasting my time doing frivolous things, from chasing women to driving fast cars, doing all the things that in life that are essentially unimportant. This snaps you right back into reality, and you start making value judgments of how do you want to spend your day. What am I going to do today that is going to be the optimum thing I can do today? How am I going to spend my time? What am I going to think about? I looked inside myself and found that I really didn’t like myself that much before now that I had this new chance.

I’m Brian Hill, and I’m a five-year oral cancer survivor.

Source: https://www.livestrong.org/we-can-help/survivor-stories/brian-h

Feature Family – The Bietermans

This is the love month and – WOW – do we love this family…..two beautiful boys, an incredible husband and wife team, and all the Ohio pride you can imagine…The Bieterman family believes in their community and building up their boys to be awesome men — this our February Feature Family!!!!


You are a gorgeous momma to two beautiful boys, what’s your secret to staying in shape, and being an incredible mom and wife? Not sure how successful I have been at this one!! Finding time to workout has been one of the struggles I have had since having kiddos. The good thing is with two young boys I feel like we are constantly on the go so that helps with keeping active. I’m also fortunate that my work has a gym so I try to at least walk a few miles during my lunch.

How long have you lived in Worthington? We have lived in Worthington for the last 8 years. We moved into Worthington Hills in 2012.



Number one local Cbus Store? 
Does Target count?? I feel like I live there 🙂 I also really enjoy Fritzy Jacobs in Old Worthington to pick up house warming gifts or little presents for friends.

4 things you are most thankful for? We are most thankful for our family, friends, good health and our fur babies (even though they drive us nuts at times!!).

Where do you go to when you need advice? I typically go to my sister or girlfriends when I need advice or feedback. I feel very fortunate to have a great group of girlfriends that I can turn to when I need a listening ear.

Its midnight and you’re hubs is snacking on ? Oreos and milk….he is old school 😉

Blog or Book?! Book. Reading is one of my favorite things to do during my down time.


Best thing about being a momma? I love watching the world through my children’s eyes and seeing how the simplest things can bring them pure excitement. Their belly laughs and hugs can brighten any bad day.

Cocktail or Wine?! Definitely Wine!!

Where do you go for mommy-son dates?  My boys love it when we go to Buckeye Bounce (I think it’s called The Bounce Club now). They have so much fun jumping on the trampolines and playing in the foam pit.

Rihanna or Taylor?! Taylor


Drive-in movie or 3-D Imax?! Drive-in…not that I have been to one in years!!

What do you love most about your neighborhood, Worthington Hills? We really wanted our children to grow up in a neighborhood that has a strong sense of community and cares about their fellow neighbors. Worthington Hills has been the perfect fit for our family and we have been very fortunate to meet so many wonderful people within the neighborhood and surrounding area.

For anyone who may be thinking of becoming patients of Magnolia Dental at Worthington Hills, what would you share about your experience with the practice? Magnolia Dental at Worthington Hills is a great practice for the whole family. The staff is super friendly and is always on time which is so important for those of us who are often going during lunch breaks or between kid’s activities. If you or your family are looking for a dentist that is professional and family friendly we would definitely recommend Magnolia Dental at Worthington Hills.


MidOhio Food Bank and Magnolia Dental Team Up!

Throughout December and January, as part of our annual Chuck’s Can’s for Kids program, the Magnolia Dental team and patients gathered cans and donations for the MidOhio Food Bank to help hungry families in Ohio. Chuck’s Cans for Kids began four years ago in honor of Dr. Basom’s late father, Chuck Basom. Chuck was a scholar, local shop owner and devoted father to his seven children.

Chuck believed in helping neighbors and giving to those in need. “My mother and I wanted to do something positive in the community in memory of my Dad,” Dr. Basom explained. “My family and the Magnolia team believe that no child should live with food insecurity – although, sadly, it’s a real issue in Ohio. We plan to continue our program every year and hope it will continue to grow. “On behalf of the entire Magnolia Dental team, THANK YOU to everyone who contributed this year! I know my Dad would be touched to see something positive happening in the community in his name.”

The office canned food drive ended on January 31, but if you would like to donate online, please visit www.midohiofoodbank.org/Magnolia where 100% of all donations go directly to the Mid-Ohio Foodbank.


Get To Know – Dr. Bryan Basom

The man, the myth, the legend, the incredible doctor, husband, father, and business owner, Dr. Bryan Basom, lets us take a peek into his personal life. We asked all the questions….so, if you ever wondered what your dentist does on a Friday night, or if he ever drinks soda, or what truly inspires a doctor to care so much for his patients, read on…

You grew up in a big family! How many brothers and sisters do you have and where do you fall in line?  
That’s true! I am the 5th of 7 children. My parents had 5 boys and 2 girls.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
A veterinarian. My grandpa was a large animal veterinarian in rural Idaho and I always admired his ability to help sick animals and how much the community appreciated his hard work and efforts. As I got older I began to expand my scope. I decided to shadow local dentists in Columbus to get insight into what the job entailed. After getting a chance to see the profession up close, I decided that I enjoyed working with people more than animals…It’s nice to have someone be able to tell you what is bothering them!

Your dad was an incredible man – an entrepreneur, a family man, and a great example to his children – how has your dad inspired you to become the person you are today? 
I think his hard work is a value that I have continued to strive for after seeing the example that he and my mother, Kathleen, exhibited throughout their life. They never took a day off. The amount of love and care exhibited by family and friends for my parents has probably proved to be the biggest inspiration.

Why did you create Chuck’s Cans for Kids? 
My mother told me that she wanted to start some type of fundraiser or way to give back to the community to help honor my father’s memory about three years ago. And we developed the concept of Chuck’s Cans for Kids to benefit children in Central Ohio struggling with food insecurity. It has been very rewarding to see the positive response and engagement within the team and community.

You have a beautiful wife, and two gorgeous children, how do you balance life as a father, husband, business owner, and doctor? 
It’s a daily challenge. I have learned that being a business owner requires you to expect the unexpected on a daily basis. It definitely impacts the ability to maintain balance between work and home but, luckily, I’ve got an amazing wife who is very understanding of the fluidity of my schedule and can help me prioritize.

How did you meet your wife?
We actually met in ninth grade in high school. We dated briefly in high school but our lives went different paths. We went to separate colleges and had very different careers throughout our twenties. We remained friends and always kept in touch despite not having the modern amenities of Facebook or cell phones. It wasn’t until our early thirties that we began dating and fell in love. She’s incredible and marrying her was the best decision of my life.

Tell us about your kids.
I’ve got two sons. Leo, is four years old and currently obsessed with Star Wars and Santa Claus. Beckett is one year and keeps us on our toes. Leo is more cerebral and reserved while Beck is more extroverted and is showing signs of being a thrill seeker by trying to jump head first off his changing table several times a day.

Photo Feb 28, 3 20 04 PM

Photo Feb 28, 3 13 38 PM

Its Friday night and you are….
Home with my wife and my kids, and hopefully in sweat pants 😉

Pepsi or Coke?
Little to no pop for me! I used to prefer Coke but it’s absolutely horrible for your teeth and has no health benefits. The only time I will occasionally drink pop is when I am eating pizza.

What is your favorite part of your job?
Thats’ tough -I love the new friendships that I’m able to build with patients and staff. Life gets very busy and I am privileged to have a job that allows me to connect with friends and family daily. But if I had to pick one aspect of the job to be my favorite it would simply be helping people. It is phenomenally rewarding to be able to give someone the smile they deserve and see their confidence skyrocket!

If you had a song for the soundtrack of your life, what would it?
Here Comes the Sun by the Beatles

Do you really floss every day?
I try to but nobody is perfect ?

Favorite Holiday tradition?
Christmas Dinner

Browns or Buckeyes?
Buckeyes. All day. Everyday.

If you could have coffee with anyone past or present who would it be and why?
Elon Musk. I am amazed by great leadership and I think that he’s truly a visionary. There are many people that I would love to meet from the past but I feel like Elon Musk would allow me to peer into the future.

Its your last day on earth – what are you eating?!
Filet medium rare with a loaded baked potato, corn maque choix, and bread pudding for dessert.

Tell us why we should make Magnolia Dental our family dentist?
Because we’ve got an exceptional team that has an unwavering commitment to our patients health. We practice golden rule dentistry meaning that we treat every patient exactly how we would want to be treated.

Worthington Hills Dental Gets a New Name and a New Look!!!

It’s 2017 – and we have a new name and a new look! We couldn’t be more excited to share our New Year’s plans with you…

Beginning this month, we’ve changed our name from Worthington Hills Dental to Magnolia Dental at Worthington Hills. We have been confused with other area dentists, so we decided to permanently change our name to something more unique and distinguishable. To compliment our new name, our new grey logo reflects a clean, more modern look. There have been no changes in our ownership or our staff – we’re still the same outstanding team and doctors you have always known and loved!

In addition, although we will not officially move until late 2017, this year we will begin construction on a new building which will have higher functionality, more room to hold our growing patient base, and state of the art technology to enhance the fantastic dental care we already provide. As much as we love our old building, we just don’t fit in it anymore! The best part is we’re staying in the neighborhood, moving just down the road to the Mason office park at the first stop light off of 315 North, only a minute away from where we are now.

Although we are moving to a new location later this year, we have a new look and growing team, don’t worry! Who we are at the core hasn’t changed at all. We will never lose our dedication to exceptional dental care. We take pride in serving three and four generation families and are determined to continue investing in our community as we have done over the last several decades.

2017 is poised to be our best year yet! On behalf of Dr. Alan Wood, Dr. Bryan Basom, Dr. Richard Flores, Dr, Jenna Renshaw, our new doctor, Dr. Adam Hinkley, and the rest of our team, we look forward to making our new permanent residence and can’t wait to share our journey with you! Happy New Year!!



Introducing Dr. Adam Hinkley…

We are thrilled to announce that Dr. Adam Hinkley has joined the Magnolia Dental team!! We are confident you will love Dr. Hinkley as much as we do. He comes from a dental family and he has a special place in his heart for veterans. Dr. Adam Hinkley will practice alongside Dr. Bryan Basom, Dr. Alan Wood, Dr. Jenna Renshaw, and Dr. Richard Flores. He will practice in both our Worthington and Chillicothe locations.

Introducing Dr. Adam Hinkley…


Dr. Hinkley has spent the majority of his life living in the Columbus area. Following in his father’s footsteps, Dr. Hinkley earned his master’s degree in Anatomy and his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the Ohio State University. He went on to complete his one year hospital based residency at the Dayton VA Medical Center. During his residency, Dr. Hinkley became passionate about serving those who have given their lives for our freedom. Dr. Hinkley is a member of the Ohio Dental Association, Columbus Dental Society, and Academy of General Dentistry. On the weekends, Dr. Hinkley can be found in the company of his beautiful fiancé or golfing, skiing, or staying active outdoors! We are excited to welcome Dr. Adam Hinkley to our family!