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Cosmetic Dentists: Bringing Comfort & Pride Back to Your Smile!

Are you ready to get the smile you have always wanted? Our personable and highly-talented cosmetic dentists in Upper Arlington, Worthington, Chillicothe, and Granville are prepared to bring that dream smile to life! Schedule an appointment today and boost your everyday confidence!



As one of most common cosmetic dental services we offer, Botox helps improve the appearance of your smile by filling wrinkles and face lines. We firmly believe you deserve to feel beautiful every day! Treat yourself to rejuvenating Botox Therapy. With a wealth of experience and training in Botox treatments and injections, our experts enhance your natural beauty and bring back your youthful glow!


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Juvederm & Wrinkle Treatments

Similar to Botox, Juvederm helps combat facial signs of aging. The primary difference between the two: Juvederm uses hyaluronic dermal fillers to give support back to your face, whereas Botox relaxes your facial muscles. We also specialize in filler treatments, giving your face a fresher look!


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Orthodontics – Know Your Options

Magnolia Dental offers a variety of transparent orthodontic services to boost your confidence & correct your bite!


The strength of Invisalign is its ability to straighten your teeth, fix crossbites, correct overbites and remedy underbites – without the use of braces! Using an undetectable transparent retainer, this orthodontic treatment realigns your teeth and corrects your smile for the long-term. Invisalign “braces” are replaced periodically, usually every 2-3 weeks, as we continue to create a customized solution to straighten your smile. How long you will need Invisalign varies from person to person.

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Clear Correct – The Invisible Braces Alternative

Clear Correct is similar to Invisalign as another braces alternative option. However, the difference is that Clear Correct offers three specific options to fixing your teeth:

  • Limited 6: Named after the six alignments for the treatment, it is often used to fix only minor adjustments
  • Limited 12: This option provides 12 aligners & offers a more full coverage for treatment
  • Unlimited: With unlimited, you get an unlimited amount of aligners (for up to three years) for us to work with in treating your smile so that we are able to make more adjustments as the treatment continues

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  • Teeth Whitening Services

    Another popular cosmetic dentistry option for both men and women, teeth whitening services are often referred to as “teeth bleaching.” The reality is teeth discoloration and stains happen to everyone! There’s no shame in it. However, there is something you can do to erase the damage done, improve the health of your teeth and boost your confidence!

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  • Veneers

    Dental veneers are an excellent option when it comes to increasing the aesthetic of your smile! A thin (but strong) shell is placed over the visible part of your tooth, improving its cosmetic appeal.

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  • Oral Surgery

    We offer a variety of oral surgery services, along with sedation dentistry, to ensure a comfortable experience while improving your smile. Our approach is empathetic; our oral surgery experts are adamantly professional.

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  • Additional Aesthetic Services

    • PDO Threads for Lip Definition
    • Non-Surgical Neck Skin Tightening & Lifting
    • Voluma filler for Cheek & Facial Contouring/Augmentation

    *These services are currently available at our Worthington Hills office only

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