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Dental Veneers

Unlike a crown, which covers the entire tooth, a veneer is a thin shell that is placed over the front or visible parts of the tooth. There are two types of veneers, ceramic veneers that are produced by a dental laboratory and resin-based composite veneers. With proper care, your new veneers will greatly improve your appearance and increase your confidence for years to come. These dental implants can also be used as a tool for a patient recovering from Periodontal Disease.

Porcelain Veneers vs. Lumineers

We often receive the question “What’s the difference between dental veneers and lumineers?” As mentioned above, a veneer is a thin shell placed over a tooth to cover chips, gaps, or stains. A lumineer is simply a type of veneer – one that is ultra thin, highly translucent and almost identical to natural enamel. Often times, the thinner coating minimizes tooth reduction and offers 20+ years of durability. Your dentist will know if lumineers are your best option!

The Dental Veneers Process

  • Veneers are prescribed for damaged, discolored, or broken teeth
  • The tooth is prepared by eliminating surface structure
  • After fabrication, the veneer is cemented to the prepared tooth
  • Veneers restore natural beauty and health of teeth

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