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Endodontic treatment, more commonly known as root canal therapy, is necessary when the pulp of your tooth becomes inflamed or infected. The inflammation or infection can have a variety of causes such as deep decay, repeated dental procedures on your tooth, or a crack or chip in the tooth. With proper care, an Endodontically treated tooth will function normally for years to come.

Root Canal Treatment Procedure

Typically, a complete root canal treatment will take place over the course of a few office visits. The steps are as follows:

  1. Dental X-Ray: If the dentist believes you need a root canal, an X-ray is necessary to locate decay.
  2. Anesthesia: A local anesthetic is applied to the affected tooth.
  3. Pulpectomy: An opening is created, the dead tooth pulp is discarded.
  4. Filling: The newly-formed opening is filled with a rubber-like material called gutta-percha and is sealed off.

You can read more about theĀ root canal process here.

Do Root Canals Hurt?

The root canal is heralded as one of the more painful dental treatments, but is this fact or just urban legend? The short answer: This claim is fiction! Over time, the process has become more refined, resulting in a simpler, less painful treatment. In fact, many patients liken the discomfort to nothing more than what you would expect out of a typical filling procedure. The process may not be as painful as it once was, but the infected tooth and gums can be incredibly painful. By undergoing a root canal, you relieve a greater pain that you may have had to endure later.

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