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Is there a child in your life who doesn’t want to brush his teeth or is struggling to make nutritious food choices? Is she excited (or scared) about losing her first tooth? Is your child facing a trip to the dentist for a cavity? Written by Lauren Kelley and illustrated by Emmy Mitchell, the Baby Tooth series tackles these situations through the eyes of Baby Tooth.

Tickle Your Teeth

Dentists recommend that parents brush their child’s teeth twice a day for two minutes at a time – but getting kids to brush isn’t always easy! Tickle Your Teeth is a book that makes learning about oral health engaging for kids. Baby Tooth explains why he loves brushing away sugar bugs in the morning and again at night, teaching kids lifelong habits for keeping their teeth clean and healthy.


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Nutrition 101 With Baby Tooth

Healthy smiles and bodies for tomorrow start with good nutrition habits today! Baby Tooth knows that brushing twice a day helps him stay clean, but he hasn’t learned which foods are better for him than others. Nutrition 101 With Baby Tooth makes comparing foods fun for kids as they join Baby Tooth in the classroom to learn how simple whole foods are a better choice over sugary, sticky, and processed foods.

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Baby Tooth Gets A Cavity

When Baby Tooth isn’t feeling well, he makes an appointment with his dentist to find out what’s wrong. Discovering he has a cavity makes him feel overwhelmed with emotion until his dentist and hygienist explain that everything is going to be OK. Baby Tooth Gets A Cavity explains what a cavity is and the process of getting a filling in a way that helps kids know what to expect while easing any possible fears.

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Baby Tooth Meets The Tooth Fairy

Baby Tooth Meets The Tooth Fairy explores an age-old question: who is the Tooth Fairy and where does she take baby teeth? When Baby Tooth and his friends start to wiggle, jiggle, then finally fall out, they begin an adventure that uncovers the mystery behind the Tooth Fairy, including where she takes baby teeth once they leave their child’s mouth.

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