This is the love month and – WOW – do we love this family…..two beautiful boys, an incredible husband and wife team, and all the Ohio pride you can imagine…The Bieterman family believes in their community and building up their boys to be awesome men — this our February Feature Family!!!!


You are a gorgeous momma to two beautiful boys, what’s your secret to staying in shape, and being an incredible mom and wife? Not sure how successful I have been at this one!! Finding time to workout has been one of the struggles I have had since having kiddos. The good thing is with two young boys I feel like we are constantly on the go so that helps with keeping active. I’m also fortunate that my work has a gym so I try to at least walk a few miles during my lunch.

How long have you lived in Worthington? We have lived in Worthington for the last 8 years. We moved into Worthington Hills in 2012.



Number one local Cbus Store? 
Does Target count?? I feel like I live there 🙂 I also really enjoy Fritzy Jacobs in Old Worthington to pick up house warming gifts or little presents for friends.

4 things you are most thankful for? We are most thankful for our family, friends, good health and our fur babies (even though they drive us nuts at times!!).

Where do you go to when you need advice? I typically go to my sister or girlfriends when I need advice or feedback. I feel very fortunate to have a great group of girlfriends that I can turn to when I need a listening ear.

Its midnight and you’re hubs is snacking on ? Oreos and milk….he is old school 😉

Blog or Book?! Book. Reading is one of my favorite things to do during my down time.


Best thing about being a momma? I love watching the world through my children’s eyes and seeing how the simplest things can bring them pure excitement. Their belly laughs and hugs can brighten any bad day.

Cocktail or Wine?! Definitely Wine!!

Where do you go for mommy-son dates?  My boys love it when we go to Buckeye Bounce (I think it’s called The Bounce Club now). They have so much fun jumping on the trampolines and playing in the foam pit.

Rihanna or Taylor?! Taylor


Drive-in movie or 3-D Imax?! Drive-in…not that I have been to one in years!!

What do you love most about your neighborhood, Worthington Hills? We really wanted our children to grow up in a neighborhood that has a strong sense of community and cares about their fellow neighbors. Worthington Hills has been the perfect fit for our family and we have been very fortunate to meet so many wonderful people within the neighborhood and surrounding area.

For anyone who may be thinking of becoming patients of Magnolia Dental at Worthington Hills, what would you share about your experience with the practice? Magnolia Dental at Worthington Hills is a great practice for the whole family. The staff is super friendly and is always on time which is so important for those of us who are often going during lunch breaks or between kid’s activities. If you or your family are looking for a dentist that is professional and family friendly we would definitely recommend Magnolia Dental at Worthington Hills.