Feature Family – The Feeneys - Magnolia Dental

Our feature families are made up of inspiring people who love their community, their families, and their dentist:) We can’t say enough about the Feeney Family, their precious kids, and their passion for a life happily and well lived. Read below to find out more about this amazing family!

As a mother of three..please name 3 things you always carry with you?

I always carry an Epi Pen for my oldest son, wipes, and pacifiers

It’s Friday night, you have a baby sitter for 3 hours, what do you do?!

We love going to dinner and especially trying out new restaurants

How long have you lived in Worthington? Why did you choose this community?

We have lived in Worthington Hills for the past 5 years. We love the sense of community and family focused activities (4th of July, Holiday Carriage rides, etc).

Top Bucket List item?

I would love to go to Napa Valley California

It’s midnight and you’re hubs is snacking on……?

Up at midnight…don’t usually stay up that late..beer if we are up at that time.

Cocktail or Wine?!

Wine for sure

What are your family’s favorite Worthington hangouts?! Where should we go?!

I really like House Wine (ok we are beginning to sound like lushes)…who doesn’t love a wine vending machine. We also like The Whitney House or Harold’s for dinner.

What type of music is playing inside the Feeney residence on any given day?

My husband thinks that he is a DJ and controls the music and he likes alternative music and blue grass that you hear on CD102.5. Sometimes I can sneak in a little 97.9 if he is not home.

What’s your favorite Columbus small business?

I like shopping at Vernacular and Birch. We all love The Hills market for just stopping to get a quick lunch or for their special events..etc.

Tell us one thing that might surprise us about yourself!

My husband can eat an entire extra large pizza to himself….he makes me order my own personal pizza.

For anyone who may be thinking of becoming patients at Magnolia Dental at Worthington Hills, what would you share about your experience with the practice?

The practice is very family friendly and they love to select a prize at the end. My children have had such a positive experience with every visit that they actually get excited about coming back!