How Dental Bridges Can Improve Your Dental Health

While dental bridges can greatly improve your appearance, the decision to have a bridge involves more than its cosmetic effects. Dental bridges can actually improve your dental health.

Dental Bridges And Your Oral Health-

There are a number of ways a dental bridge can contribute to oral health. First, it will keep your natural teeth healthy. When you are missing teeth, the teeth surrounding the gap can shift and move. This makes eating and chewing difficult, and can increase the risk of losing the natural teeth.

Second, basic dental tips are easier and more effective when you have a dental bridge. When there are missing teeth, food, bacteria, and other residue can accumulate in the gap. This will increase your risk of gum disease and tooth decay, as well as affecting your general health.

Third, home dental care is easier when you have a bridge. If you allow your natural teeth to shift into the space where the missing teeth were previously located, daily brushing and flossing will be difficult. The teeth will not be straight, and the shifting will cause spaces between your natural teeth. For more information about our Dental Bridges, please consult with our team at Worthington Hills Dental.

Dental Tips For Dental Bridges-

Whether your dentist recommends a removable bridge or a fixed bridge, caring for dental bridges is not a time-consuming process. Removable bridges can be taken out and cleaned in a manner similar to traditional dentures.

A fixed bridge is simplest to care for, if your dentist recommends this product. Routine home oral care is all that is required. When you brush your teeth each morning and night, you can clean the bridge at the same time.

Dental bridges can make your life easier and healthier. You can have a beautiful smile without embarrassment over missing teeth. You will find it much easier to eat, and enjoy a healthy diet.

However, your oral health is another important concern. You can preserve your natural teeth, and have a lower risk of gum disease and tooth decay. If you are not sure whether dental bridges are right for you, make an appointment at Worthington Hills Dental. We will provide a complete examination, and help you make a decision.