Tips To Avoid Gingivitis - Magnolia Dental

Gingivitis is often referred to as gum disease. Initial symptoms include red, swollen, and tender gums. When this problem is not treated properly, irreversible damage may occur to your jaw’s bones and tissues. Following certain dental tips will keep this condition from ruining your smile.

Proper Oral Hygiene. The easiest way to prevent gingivitis is by following a solid oral hygiene routine. You must brush your teeth twice a day, floss, and rinse your mouth after eating. Brushing with a fluoride toothpaste eliminates plaque that accumulates throughout your mouth. Occasionally brushing with baking soda is a good tip as well. This substance helps neutralize acids that cause problems in the mouth. Also, baking soda polishes teeth and fights bad breath. However, it is abrasive, so it should be used sparingly. Flossing penetrates between teeth so that food particles do not remain trapped. Rinsing removes bacteria that causes plaque.

Relax and Curb Bad Habits. High levels of stress hamper your body’s ability to fight infections. They can interrupt a normal oral hygiene routine as well. Taking time to relax and complete your everyday dental care regime will keep gingivitis away. Also, smoking is a bad habit that damages the lungs and the mouth. Smokers are at high risk of developing gum problems. To uphold oral health, it is best to avoid cigarettes and similar items.

Consume a Balanced Diet. Eating a nourishing diet helps care for your body, including your teeth. Fruits and vegetables contain vitamins and minerals that boost immunity and guard against gingivitis. Consuming foods that have high levels of vitamin C will support healthy gums. Snacking is common but should be limited. Sugary treats lead to decay and other mouth problems.

Scheduling Regular Dental Appointments. Receiving professional dental care is the best way to prevent gingivitis. You should schedule yearly appointments with your dentist. Expert cleanings eliminate gum deposits and other debris that brushing cannot remove. Examinations detect issues early before they become serious. Besides preventing gingivitis, visiting your dentist will minimize other mouth problems as well. For more dental tips to help avoid gum disease, consult with our team at Worthington Hills Dental.