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Exploring The Clear Benefits of Invisalign 

The evolution of bite correction and teeth straightening has been quite the adventure. We’ve watched as the technology progressed from cumbersome headgear, to discreet solutions that can get the job with maximum comfort. Today, we’re going to dig a little deeper into the benefits of a product you’ve most likely heard of while researching smile correction options – Invisalign

They Are Virtually Invisible

Admittedly, this is an easy one! Invisalign’s acclaim is rooted in the device’s unique transparent design. Invisalign forms perfectly to your teeth with the mission of correcting your bite and straightening your smile – and friends, family and strangers will be none the wiser. 

However, if you’re beaming that bright grin at just the right angle and there is a light nearby, there’s a chance someone may notice! 

They Are Removable, Making Cleanings & Upkeep Significantly Easier 

You can easily take Invisalign out for routine cleanings to reduce bacteria build-up. Adore popcorn, nuts, pretzels and Laffy Taffy? Simply pop the devices out, place them in a designated safe space so you don’t lose them and enjoy your favorite foods! 

Oh, and because they’re removable and lack the metal infrastructure of traditional braces, that also means no wax, no rubber bands, no jabbing wires and no broken brackets. 

They Cut Down On Time In The Dentist’s Office 

The average Invisalign adjustment occurs after about 6 weeks of passive progress while some traditional braces adjustments happen after just 4 weeks. Invisalign adjustments typically only take 15 minutes – your dentist checks your progress, gives you your next set of trays and you’re on your way with minimal disturbance to your day.

(While we love having you around, we understand that you’ve got a busy schedule!)

They Do What They’re Supposed To Do – Straighten Teeth & Correct Bite 

It’s as simple as this: Invisalign works! As long as you remain diligent with your Invisalign treatments and use them the recommended 22 hours a day, the results will be absolutely astounding. Once your treatment is complete, your dental service provider will pair you with the appropriate retainers designed to keep your smile in order for life! 

Invisalign Can Help Improve Overall Dental Health

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That freshly-aligned grin? It does more than just look nice – it can actually cut down hiding places for plaque, making routine hygiene practices more effective and easier to manage. Straight teeth may also mitigate chips/breaks, improve speech, reduce joint stress which can minimize neck/head/jaw pain and even make chewing more effective which positively impacts digestive health. 

Wondering If You’re The Right Candidate For Invisalign?

Our team of dental health experts is always here to answer any questions you may have about Invisalign or the art of orthodontics, in general!