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Be Prepared For Halloween & All The Candy That Goes With It

Ah, Halloween – that magical time of the year where you don your favorite costume, go trick or treating with your kids and indulge in all the candy that comes with the venture (whether you bought the candy on discount the day after or stole your favorites from your kids’ baskets the night before – no one has to know).

But before you go splurge on your favorites, make sure you’re protecting those teeth by brushing twice a day and regularly flossing before Halloween night arrives. Knowing what candy is best and worst for your teeth might help you decide on which candy you’ll devour all night long – and for the subsequent week after!

Suckers that are bad for your teeth

The Worst of the Worst Halloween Candy for Your Teeth

Be picky when it comes to sticky – these typical candies tend to stay around longer on your teeth because it’s harder to remove. The same goes for those gummies!

Hard candies and lollipops stay in your mouth longer because they’re harder to chew, causing the sugar to get in your saliva continuing washing over your teeth – they may even break your teeth if you bite down too fast or hard. Even those minty-fresh candies can do some damage.

Thinking about sour instead of sweet? You may want to reconsider because acidity can damage your teeth, making them more vulnerable to cavities.

Odds are your favorite candy might be the worst for your teeth, but it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy them on your Halloween night! Just make sure you brush your teeth before devouring your favorite delicacies. Oh, and really get in there with the floss.

Candy that is best for your teeth

A Heartier Haul: The Best (Relatively Speaking) Candy For Your Teeth

Let’s face it – candy isn’t good for your teeth, but the one sweet treat you can get away with eating is chocolate! And if you’re a dark chocolate fan, you’re in luck because dark chocolate is significantly better compared to others in the chocolate family. Even if you do indulge in other chocolates throughout your spooky night, there’s no need to worry because these candies wash off your teeth easier than the hard, sticky or sour ones.

So if you’re looking to keep your teeth safe and still enjoy a little sugar rush, chocolate should be your go-to Halloween treat.

Sweet Lies: Is Sugar-Free Actually Better for Your Teeth?

Conventional wisdom states that if a candy is “sugar-free” it means that it’s better for you and your teeth – think again. You may not be getting ALL that sugar like the other candies have (which is better for your general dietary interests), but it isn’t at all better for your teeth. High levels of acids are found in sugar-free candy, which strip away the surface layers of tooth enamel and can lead to faster tooth decay.

Before you pick up the sugar-free option thinking it’s safer for your teeth, you might as well go full flavor and opt for the regular stuff!

What To Do After Your Sugar Rush

The night full of your favorite sweets and treats is over. You might feel like you overdid it and like you need to brush your teeth ASAP. But before you go running toward the toothbrush, it’s better to rinse your mouth out with water, give your teeth a good floss and wait an hour before you pick up your toothbrush. Brushing your teeth too fast can remove the softened tooth layer – so sit back, relax and enjoy your candy while it lasts!

Let’s Not Sugar-Coat It: A Dentist Appointment Is Always A Good Idea

After Halloween has come and gone, the witches go back on their brooms, the ghosts stop haunting and the discount candy flies off the shelves. This is the perfect time to make a dentist appointment! It’s always fun to dress up, binge on your favorite scary movies and have one too many pieces of candy, but getting back into a solid oral hygiene routine will keep cavities from haunting your sweet dreams.

Schedule your dentist appointment at Magnolia Dental after your Halloween night full of indulges – your teeth will thank you later.