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Summer Dental Accidents – Prevention & Tips

With the school year drawing near, summer sports are back in action. And with those summer sports come injury risks, including risks to teeth. 

For some sports, mouthguards are required. But you should know that mouthguards ought to be necessary for almost every sport. There’s no such thing as being too safe when it comes to your teeth. 

So when your child runs out the door for practice or a game, make sure they always have a mouthguard – and once they get to that practice or game, make sure they wear it. You’ll have more fun in the stands, and they’ll have more fun on the field than you both will have in the dentist’s office.

Be Prepared, Not Surprised

Despite all the warnings out there, accidents still happen. Whether on the practice field or at the swimming pool, you can try your hardest to watch over everyone, but you might still end up facing a dental emergency. It’s important to always be prepared, so there’s no sense of panic when a dental injury happens. 

A dental emergency kit should include:

  • A card with your dentist’s office and emergency phone numbers
  • Gauze
  • Saline solution
  • A small, lidded container

Invisalign: More Effective In Your Mouth Than In The Trash

It’s easy to toss things in the trash prematurely; we all do it. But it’s important to instill vigilance in your children when it comes to Invisalign or other orthodontic solutions, such as retainers. It’s common for them to quickly take the mouthpiece out while they’re eating at a summer barbecue, then absent-mindedly leave it on a plate bound for the garbage can. As soon as they take an Invisalign out, they should put it somewhere safe – and a comfortable distance from anything they might end up tossing. They may initially grumble at the few extra seconds it takes, but not as much as they’ll grumble while digging through a dumpster or shelling out for another set!

Don’t Let Oral Hygiene Go Unnoticed

Throughout the school year, your schedule is usually on point. Regular hours make for easy routines. But when summer comes around, the kids aren’t in school, vacations are just around the corner, day plans are made and you’ve got yourself a lot of X-factors. Don’t let summer oral hygiene fall by the wayside; stay on track and plan ahead. Remind your kids they still need to brush their teeth, pack new toothbrushes and toothpaste when you leave for vacation, and bring disposable brushes when you’re leaving for those long day trips. It’s important to stay on top of oral hygiene, so when the kids go back to school, they don’t have to go back to the dentist as well.

We’ve Got Your Back (& Your Teeth)

Maybe you’ll follow each and every one of these tips to the letter, only to see one of the kids end up with a broken tooth, a jaw injury or a missing Invisalign. You can’t anticipate and head off every possible setback. But when you do experience a setback, just remember, Magnolia Dental still has your back, and we’ll be here to help.

Need to set up a summer dentist appointment, or just ask a question? Give Magnolia Dental a shout! We’re happy to help.