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You might not give much thought to how the muscles in your body work until you have a problem. Your teeth and mouth connect to many different areas of your body. This includes your head and neck. Unfortunately, when you have a sinus infection, it can affect many regions of the head and neck. Understanding how it can affect your mouth can make a big difference. You need to seek out the right treatment for your tooth pain.

Common Signs of a Sinus Infection

Unfortunately, from time to time, we all can experience sinus infections. You’ll likely feel like your head is swollen, your nose is stuffy, your throat is sore, and you may even have a headache. Sinus infections bring along a ton of different symptoms. Plus, people may have a different set of symptoms depending on their infection. Some other symptoms include post-nasal drip, bad breath, runny nose, and facial pain.

What to Do When You Experience Tooth, Jaw, or Mouth Pain During a Sinus Infection?

When you have a sinus infection, it affects the nasal cavities. These are small empty spaces that become inflamed whenever the sinuses flare up. It’s important to realize that the roots of your upper teeth are very close to the sinus cavity. So, when the sinuses become inflamed, they can cause the tooth roots to become sensitive.

It’s also crucial to note that persistent issues with your teeth can affect your sinuses. If you damage a tooth or have a tooth infection, that inflamed tissue can inflame the tissue of the sinuses. You may feel like you have a sinus infection when you actually have a chronic problem with one of your teeth.

When to See Your Dentist About Your Tooth Pain?

If you start to have tooth pain but don’t have any symptoms of a sinus infection, it’s time to speak to your dentist. They will be able to check your smile and determine if there is an underlying problem. A tooth infection can cause symptoms like those of a sinus infection. If your doctor didn’t diagnose you with a sinus infection, get your dentist to look at your teeth.

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